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Used Honing Machines

Apperley are specialists in buying, selling and reconditioning used honing machines, all the machines listed below are available to be bought as they are or with a tooling, consumables, delivery, installation and training package. We buy and sell internationally. 


Apperley J2 2-metre stroke TUBEHONE Ref: AS136

This versatile and powerful horizontal hone was built in 1988 and is used as demonstrator and production hone in our subcontract department. Capable of honing parts up to 2 meters long, the versatile control system is capable of honing components with a diameter of 6mm up to a maximum of 750mm. 

Price includes tooling for all bores between 25.0 - 100.0mm diameter.

Price £33,700 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Apperley J5 5-metre stroke TUBEHONE Ref: AS135

This is the very first Apperley TUBEHONE ever built, and has been used in our contract honing workshop since new. Although now 30-odd years old it is exceedingly reliable, with only the odd oil leak letting it down. Regularly upgraded with new electrics and control systems, it is a proven tough rugged tube hone capable of honing parts 25 -125mm diameter up to 5000mm long. The control system is so smooth that with special tooling it can hone down to 6mm diameter, and so powerful that it can hone up to 500mm diameter should the need ever arise.

Price £29,800 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Apperley T8 8-metre stroke TUBEHONE Ref: AS205

This machine is our own demonstrator, build for use primarily in our contract honing department it has an 8-metre workpiece capacity with capability to hone small bore tubes (we’ve honed down to 15mm diameter) yet is just equally competent on large diameter workpieces (up to 750mm o/d). We’ve even used it to hone 15m long submarine periscope tubes from both ends achieving 0.05mm tolerance. It was new in 2012 and has a Siemens touch screen control operating electric drives controlling 15kW rotation, 15kw stroking and 5.5kW push expansion motors. It has mechanical end-clamping which is perfect for both thin and thick walled workpieces. It can be supplied as a full turnkey package with tooling, consumables, delivery, installation, commissioning and training depending on budget

Price £125,000 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Barnes #6 4.5-metre stroke tubehone Ref: AS242

A exceedingly powerful, constant force push expansion tube honing machine, capable of honing bores up to 800mm diameter and 4.5m in length. Currently this machine is being overhauled and repainted and will, in due course, be operational in our subcontract department. 

Price £43,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Autospeedhone S Ref: AS217

A fine example of Delapena's popular Autospeedhone S machine, with rotation speeds of 375 -1500rpm suitable for honing medium & large batches of components with a bore size from 1.14mm to 79.37mm diameter (045"- 31/8"). 

Price £3,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena HHM25-20 Ref: AS238

Massively powerful Tubehoning machine capable of honing bores up to 450mm/18.0" diameter with ease. It has a 7.5m/20' stroke which means that it can cope with just about any tube or hydraulic cylinder that is thrown at it. We bought this machine in 2015 and stripped , overhauled, rewired and rebuilt it with modern logic processor controls. It is now in great condition and, if required, can be supplied as a complete turn key project complete with tooling, (worldwide) installation and training.

Price £94,800 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone EA Ref: AS255

A new generation Speedhone EA, complete with Autostroking facility. The EA model is fitted with modern electronic motors which eliminates the need for stepped pulleys and gives true variable rotation and stroking speeds. Ideal for high volume production or where high stock removal rates are encountered.

Price £4,995 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone EM Ref: AS240

This is an example of the Delapena new generation Speedhone EM machine. This hone has a variable speed 1.5kW rotation motor which benefits from being able to electronically control the spindle's acceleration and braking throughout its range of 250 - 2500 rpm.

Price £4,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone Ref: AS294

A basic Speedhone that has been overhauled and serviced  in our works. It is in great condition and ready to give years of service.

Price £1,980.00 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone Ref: AS298

This one has had a hard life and needs some work. The coolant system is in bits and it's missing its front cover, but underneath all this the machine is in good order. It is priced to sell and offered 'as is'

Price £980 +VAT for UK sale Download Details

Delapena Speedhone S Ref: AS265

Whilst Delapena Speedhones are rightly seen as the workhorse of the hand honing world the Speedhone S is something a little better. The S was the last upgrade before the design changed to the electronic EM model and so represents the pinical of Delapena's mechanical design.

This machine is in excellent condition and like all Delapena and Sunnen hand machines is suitable for honing bores 1.14 to 79.37mm diameter.

Price £2,975 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena V-450 Ref; AS267

The Delapena V-450 is an adaption their popular ‘Nodding Donkey’ machine packaged specifically for automotive engine reconditioning. It comes compete with sturdy work table, coolant filter and uses Delapena’s trusty Friction Feed tooling (a £3,750 extra that is included with this machine). If required, and with the right tooling, it can be used to hone bores up to 14.5” diameter but is ideally suited to the more commonly found 1” to 5” bore diameters. 

Price £4,995 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen CK-21 Ref: AS117

The CK-21 is the third generation of Sunnen's popular Cylinder King range of honing machines. This machine is ideal for achieving tricky plateau surface finishes. This particular machine is in excellent condition and can be viewed running in our sub contract honing department in Cheltenham. 

Price £29,780 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen MBB 1290 Ref: AS243

The Sunnen MBB 1290 hone is a basic, robust and reliable machine. Suitable for small batches and ideal for a workshop, this machine is capable of giving many more years service and is realistically priced for a quick sale.

Price £1,230 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen MBC-1800-H Ref: AS257

Sunnen MBC-1800H machine in good condition that is suitable for honing medium and large batches of large or irregularly shaped components. The machine is in excellent working order and will be fully serviced prior to dispatch 

Price £3,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen MBH2500 Ref:AS285

This is a machine towards the end of its life and is ideal for spares. It's the same basic machine as all Sunnen MBB1600 series hones and has good motors and pulleys and the basic shell of the machine is still in very good condition. It's offered 'SOLD as SEEN' and priced accordingly

Price £780.00 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details


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