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Used Honing Machines

Apperley are specialists in buying, selling and reconditioning used honing machines, all the machines listed below are available to be bought as they are or with a tooling, consumables, delivery, installation and training package. We buy and sell internationally. 


Apperley J5 5-metre stroke TUBEHONE Ref: AS135

This is the very first Apperley TUBEHONE ever built, and has been used in our contract honing workshop since new. Although now 30-odd years old it is exceedingly reliable, with only the odd oil leak letting it down. Regularly upgraded with new electrics and control systems, it is a proven tough rugged tube hone capable of honing parts 25 -125mm diameter up to 5000mm long. The control system is so smooth that with special tooling it can hone down to 6mm diameter, and so powerful that it can hone up to 500mm diameter should the need ever arise.

Price £29,800 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Barnes #6 4.5-metre stroke tubehone Ref: AS242

A exceedingly powerful, constant force push expansion tube honing machine, capable of honing bores up to 800mm diameter and 4.5m in length. Currently this machine is being overhauled and repainted and will, in due course, be operational in our subcontract department. 

Price £43,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone EM Ref: AS240

This is an example of the Delapena new generation Speedhone EM machine. This hone has a variable speed 1.5kW rotation motor which benefits from being able to electronically control the spindle's acceleration and braking throughout its range of 250 - 2500 rpm.

Price £4,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone EM Ref: AS312

One of two Speedhone EM that we have in stock. The EM is the manual version of the latest generation Speedhone and this makes it suitable for small batch work (up to around 50-offs), for larger batches we would recommend the EA version.

Price £4,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Delapena Speedhone Ref: AS319

If you are looking for a cheap Speedhone then this is the machine for you. We have just bought this one in, and in due course will be putting it through our workshops where it will get a full mechanical and cosmetic overhaul, but for the time being are offering it 'as-is' for the bargain price of £980. 

Price £980 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Pemamo MDP-120 E Ref: AS307

Pemamo honing machines use diamond plated laps to achieve very tight tolerances and this machine is suitable for honing large batches of small diameter parts to micron tolerances.

Price £3,700 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Pemamo MDP-120 EH Ref: AS306

Pemamo use special diamond plated lapping tools to achieve very tight tolerances and are perfect for finishing large batches of parts to very tight tolerances. The EH model has a powered stroke mechanism which de-skills the process even further.

Price £9,800 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sief Pre-coat Filter Ref: AS315

Diatomaceous earth pre-coat coolant filters are designed for use in large production honing machine shops. The machine has the capability of filtering coolant down to 5-microns at a rate of 60-ltrs/minute and is ideal for applications that produce significant amounts of honing sludge. We use a pre-coat filter just like this in our own tubehone shop, and it copes with 5 large machines running 24-hrs/day.    

Price £15,000 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen HL1500 Ref: AS309

This machine started life with a 1,5m stroke but has been extended and is now capable of honing tubes up to 3000mm long. It is currently undergoing a full overhaul and refurbishment and will be available for demonstration and sale in around 3 to 4 months time. 

Price £37,800 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen MBC-1800-H Ref: AS257

Sunnen MBC-1800H machine in good condition that is suitable for honing medium and large batches of large or irregularly shaped components. The machine is in excellent working order and will be fully serviced prior to dispatch 

Price £3,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen MBC-1804 Ref: AS326

This is a highly sought after 1804 with power auto-stroking and integral coolant filter. Ideal for cylinders, barrels and liners as well as numerous small parts up to 100mm diameter. This machine is fully commissioned and can be demonstrated running under power in our Cheltenham UK workshop.

Price £3,750 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details

Sunnen SV-210 Ref: AS273

The SV-210 became Sunnen's principle vertical honing machine around 2006, replacing the ever popular CK-21 machine. It has servo drives and a full vertical stroke, meaning that it can automatically hold micron tolerances on large batches of parts from 18 to 200mm diameter up to 750mm long.This machine has had an interesting history, it was bought new to hone cylinder blocks for an OEM and changed hands several times as the work was placed with different sub-contractors. We acquired it in 2016, at that time it had a history of unreliability and was in poor cosmetic state, and so we initiated a full overhaul. The reliability problem was traced to a bad connection buried deep inside the electronics system and, having fixed that, we placed the machine in our busy contract honing shop were it has run without fault ever since.We have recently replaced it with a brand new Sunnen SV-30 machine and so for the second time in its life this machine has become redundant and surplus to requirements. It is attractively priced for a quick sale.    

Price £27,500 (+VAT for UK sales) Download Details