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Subcontract Honing


Established in 1963 and registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, Apperley Honing have 20 commissioned honing machines operating in the subcontract honing department. The tube honing, vertical honing and hand honing departments are able to hone components weighing up to 5 tonnes. 

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Subcontract Honing Capacity List

3mm - 10mm diameter                up to 120mm long 

10mm - 16mm diameter              up to 250mm long

16mm - 25mm diameter              up to 5000mm long

25mm - 750mm diameter            up to 8000mm long

50mm - 250mm diameter            up to 17000mm long 

Tube Honing

Tube honing used to be all about steel tubes for hydraulic cylinders however the majority of Apperley Honing's work now is with aluminium, titanium, Inconel, nimonics and hard chrome materials. Experienced operators are able to use their skills to successfully achieve specific wall thicknesses. Using ultrasonic inspection equipment the wall thickness of random length tubes can be reduced down to 1.00mm. On an average week up to 500 metres of cylinder tube can be honed.  


Contour Honing

A unique process called "Contour honing" which focusses on producing a superfine surface finish totally eradicates the weld bead and orange peel that can remain in drawn tubes. Developed and proven by Apperley Honing over 15 years ago, contour honing removes weld beads from seamed tube. This process is a two stage operation carried out on a high-speed automatic machine. Apperley Honing have several 8 metre stoke machines which are capable of maintaining a H8 tolerance and a 0.15µm surface finish on extra long tubes, up to 17 metres long. 


Vertical Honing

CNC and traditional "nodding donkeys" honing machines work alongside each other with specialist tooling to produce intricate polishing of one off complex castings or large production batches. Skilled operators can achieve different cross hatch angles and complex surface finish topographies which can be verified using the latest computer analysis software. The large range of vertical machines are capable of producing components round and parallel to 5 microns with a surface finish of 0.1µm.


Hand Honing

Smaller components are still generally honed on bench hone type machines, with the components stroked back and forth either by hand or in fixtures, hence the term "hand honing". Experienced honing operators will select the correct tooling and using our specialist abrasives. Large production parts with specialist fixtures be set on automatic CNC controlled honing machines. For long running contracts, dedicated machines and gauging can remain set and ready, enabling operators to run the machines as soon as parts arrive whilst maintaining consistency. Geared up to the challenges and lead times of the Formula One and Motorsport industry, production capabilities include a "same day service", 2 working days and 5 working days turnaround service. Operators work with high performance alloys with blind ends and achieve exceptionally precise tolerances, round and parallel to 5 microns with a surface finish of 0.1µm. 

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