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Sunnen 1660 sold and exported to Austria

Apperley Honing Machines proved to be a worthwhile choice for an Austrian engine tuner who specialises in tuning racing kart engines. With a wide range of honing machines available on, the customer found a used Sunnen MBB1660 which Apperley Honing had previously purchased from Rolls Royce. The hone was in excellent condition, had hardly been used and Rolls Royce had maintained it to the highest standard. The Sunnen MBB1660 is an ideal hone for any workshop, capable of honing bores from 1.5mm to 165mm in diameter and is suitable for small batches of regular or odd shaped parts. Set up on this machine is so simple that a job that has never run before can be up and running in 10 minutes and then changing from one job to another is simplified as there is no need for special fixtures, indexing, special tooling or critical tool adjustments.

This 1950’s designed machine is still a real favourite, with a spindle speed of up to 2500rpm, enabling control of the roundness, straightness, size and finish, creating the surface finish needed consistently, piece after piece. Apperley Honing can offer full training, consumables and honing oil so that any machine purchased, can be operational as quickly as possible.

With export costs to transport the machine from Cheltenham to Europe priced at under €250, it is not surprising that Apperley Honing Machines sell more honing machines than anyone else in the UK.