New TUBEHONES | Apperley Honing



With over 50 years experience in our contract honing department using all the different models of honing machines from all the major brands, Apperley engineers understand the good and bad design elements of running these machines on a daily basis. 


In creating the TUBEHONE, our designers and engineers have thrown away the bad features, included all the good features and included our own wish list as dictated by the people that use honing machines everyday. We believe we have produced the best horizontal hone on the market which has the versatility and performance needed in todays market. In fact, the TUBEHONE can be seen running along side Delapena, Barnes and Sunnen machines in our factory in Cheltenham. 


Features of the Apperley TUBEHONE include:


 - Bespoke modular chassis design; start with a 2 metre stroke and then acquire 2 metre sections to extend up to 10 metre    


 - Suitable for bores 25mm - 750mm ΓΈ


 - Seek and destroy facility automatically removes weld distortion, tight spots, taper and ovality


 - Easy to set up and run. Operator training can take less than a day


 - Fully enclosed driveshaft for maximum safety


 - Easily adjustable o/d strap clamps, with options for 3-jaw chuck or end clamps


 - Coolant ON and OFF is synchronised to start and stop with auto cycle


 - Twist and push/pull expansion systems available to suit alternative tooling suppliers


 - 7.5kW Lightweight, 15kW Middleweight and 30kW Heavyweight options


 - Stroke speed adjustable in 1m/min increments from 8 to 32 m/min


 - Autocycle tooling protection built in


 - Autocycle can be controlled by a simple ON and OFF button, time or stroke counter


 - No access required at the rear of the machine so can be placed against a wall


 - Piano stool support for long workpieces


 - Slow jog rotate and creep speeds prevents accidents, tooling and machine damage


 - Automatic feed-in device prevents fingers being trapped between hone and workpiece